Eating and body image concerns affect all of us. Thankfully, our dietitians are armed to help! Let us help your students, employees, or staff find peace with food and body. From groups to seminars to individual sessions, our dietitians can make your work site healthier and happier. Consider the following popular options:

Prevent Picky Eating

Give mom a break and promote peace at meals. Gather useful tools to help those picky eaters leave the table with a smile not in tears.

Kid Wisdom

Our bodies are equipped to get the fuel it needs without nutrition apps and calorie counting. Let’s discuss ways to protect children’s innate wisdom in a world that wants to disconnect it.

Preventing Eating Concerns

Eating disorders and other eating problems are on the rise. At the same time, everyone wants to tell us the best way to feed our family. Often the advice is rigid or conflicting leaving us confused and exhausted. Your life preserver is here so put your feet up! Learn practical strategies to protect your children from eating diseases while promoting health.

Transitioning Baby to Solids and Family Meals

Is my kid a stage 1 or 2? Do I have to make baby food? What is in the jarred stuff anyway? Get all the particulars answered to securely know what to feed your infant and toddler at every stage of the game. Learn some new ways to make your own baby food too.

Teaching Healthy Eating without Fear

We don’t have to scare our kids into eating healthy or sneak it into their dinner. There are other options! Learn ways to teach hands on experiential healthy eating. Find the tools to teach your kids to eat with competence while promoting health even in todays’s toxic world.

Food Allergies 101

No peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy…no problem! Make a mole hole out of a mountain and get your grocery list done too. Experienced dietitians who get food allergies will help you navigate the pantry to set your menu allergy free.

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