Our Philosophy

Your body was created with an innate wisdom. It knows how much to eat and exercise to promote health, energy and vitality. Sounds hopeful, right?!? That’s what BirdHouse Nutrition Therapy is all about.

We want to help you get back to that wisdom through education and experiential therapies. All of our Registered Dietitians are uniquely trained to prevent and treat eating disorders while promoting health.

One thing you won’t find: diets. We strongly dislike them and find them boring. And harmful. Instead, we help everyone no matter the size find a way to incorporate healthy habits while healing body image.

BirdHouse Nutrition Therapy includes these foundations:

  • Intuitive Eating
  • Health at Every Size
  • Ellyn Satter approaches (fdSatter and ecSatter)

Our Unique Nutrition Therapy Practice

BirdHouse Nutrition Therapy provides revolutionary body positive nutrition interventions promoting health without harm. We never use diets nor promote rigid eating. The scale does not monitor progress rather mood, lab values and quality of life portray a better outlook of continued success. All providers come from a Health at Every Size approach and use Intuitive Eating concepts within a nonjudgmental and compassionate space. The supportive environment provides a special space free of body judgment and food policing. Instead, all clients have unconditional permission to eat what is pleasurable in their present body no matter the size.